Crevice Garden

Spotlight on Bulbs in the Crevice Garden


The Crevice Garden at the corner of Holt and Shea is showing off its colors, one bulb at a time. A bulb plant is a plant that stores its complete lifecycle in a fleshy underground storage structure. Spring bulbs begin their growth process in the Fall, then delight us with bright pops of color as they emerge in Spring. Many bulbs are perennial, returning year after year and spreading to create drifts of color in the garden. Visit the Crevice Garden this Spring to see the bulbs shown below and others before they go dormant, making way for summer blooms.


 Ipheion – uniflorum ‘Wisley Blue’
This bulb has been nestled between crevices to appear as if it is flowing out of the rocks. Wisley Blue grows to be only 3” tall, 5” inches with the flower. It is a great choice for rock gardens, border edging, and woodland gardens. This plant will go dormant in summer and return in abundance the next spring.


Muscari botryoides, Small Grape Hyacinth
These colorful and fragrant flowers are a good choice for this shady garden as they prefer a location with dappled sunlight to part shade. They are also a good choice for containers, patio gardens, small spaces, and walkways.


Narcissus jonquilla, Daffodil
The flowers on this delicate little plant are less than one inch across. Showy and fragrant, they do well in full sun to part shade. It has a spreading habit.


Anemone coronaria, Windfower ‘Sylphide’
This beauty is one of the many native flowers featured in the Crevice Garden. These violet-pink poppy-like flowers thrive in full sun and attract butterflies to the garden. The do well in rock and crevice gardens because they are drought tolerant.


Ipheion uniflorum ‘Rolf Fielder’ Spring Starflower
Spring Starflowers are beautiful in large drifts or along paths and borders where they can be easily admired. They are considered one of the easiest bulbs to grow.


Leucojum aestivum ‘Gravetye Giant’ Summer Snowflake
Three to six white blooms per each 12” dark green stems make these little flowers stand out against the stoney background of the Crevice Garden. Over the years this perennial will return in growing into larger drift or they can be confined to containers.

In addition to the Spring Bulbs there are a few other showy perennials making an appearance.


Veronica peduncularis, Creeping Speedwell
This is a native perennial that blooms form March to May attracting butterflies to the garden. It will grow in sun or part shade and does well in all soil types. The leaves are evergreen.


 Iberis sempervirens, Candy Tuft

This plant was featured in the “The Crevice Garden in Winter” article for its attractive evergreen foliage. In Spring it features small white blooms in dense clusters that last into early Summer. It is drought tolerant and prefers well drained soil. 

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