Camellia Cove at the Arboretum

Camellia Cove is located at the Arboretum, 624 Oak Grove Road, Chesapeake, VA 23320. Currently there are 195 plants in Camellia Cove. The majority are Camellia japonicas, followed by Camellia sasanqua, Reticulata hybrids and other hybrids. There are also some Camellia sinensis macrophyllas whose leaves are used in brewing tea. 

There are a number of interesting areas to visit in the Arboreatum. Click here for a more information.

When you tour the Garden you will want to download a pdf of the map and a key to the names of each plant in the Camellia Cove.  Camilla Grove sign

Download a Map 

Download a Key to the Names of each Plant

The Master Gardeners just dedicated a special bench to Bob Fountain who was instrumental in the planning, planting, trails and maintenance of Camellia Cove. He recently retired and we are grateful for all of his hard work.

Bob FountainABob Fountain 4Bob Fountain

The November 2021 monthly meeting included a very informative tour of the Camellia Cove. All of the Camellias in the cove have been recently tagged and a new map will be posted in the cove soon. It was a lovely day for a walk in the park. CamelliaTour

Find out more on the history of Camellia Cove in this interesting article. For a map of the trails at the Arboretum click here

Some recent photos from Camellia Cove. 

 CamelliaCoveIMG 2614CamelliaCoveIMG 2616CamelliaIMG 2206CamelliaIMG 2210


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