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  • Our Help Desk is now available!
  • Grow Eat Live Community Garden at Chesapeake Health Department, 748 Battlefield Boulevard, North, Chesapeake, VA 23320
  • Check out our Green Thumb Series!
  • Plan your Garden to Include an Extra Row to Help Support Our Local Food Banks!
  • We are offering Rain Barrel Workshops April through October!
  • Every Fall Chesapeake Master Gardener Volunteers visit First Grade Classrooms across Chesapeake Public Schools to Teach about Trees and Plant Trees.
  • Our 2016 Plant Sale will be on Friday April 29 (8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.) and Saturday April 30 (8:00 a.m. to noon). See more details under the Programs and Events tab dropdown menu.

What's Happening:

  MG logo  Winter 2019 PROGRAMS 

http://hivtestkit.ph/?melisa=ffsa-rencontre-peugeot-sport&e99=7c New Workshops for 2019

Sign up today for one of our educational workshops. They start on February 9 with "How to Build a Mason Bee House". Find one that fits your interests. To register for a workshop you can link to the form view it now here.

MG 2019 Workshop Schedule

original site Chesaspeake 2019 Intern Class

The new 2019 class for master gardener interns will begin on Thursday, January 17 at Great Bridge Presbyterian Church. Classes will be held on Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 9. For the complete schedule visit our intern page here.

match dating site login Become a Master Food Volunteer

why not try here Master Food Volunteer

site de rencontre qui passe avec proxy MASTER GARDENER HOLIDAY PARTY AWARDS-2018

find here On December 11 the Chesapeake Master Gardeners enjoyed a wonderful holiday party at the Main Library hosted by Mike and Elaine. There were a lot of wonderful dishes, prizes and warm fellowship. These cleaverly named awards were presented.

22e rencontres d'ici et d'ailleurs SPECIAL AWARD for Years of Service - Awarded to those who have not already received this award and to those who are still active and entering hours.
article source 15 years citas online lima gratis (TAXODIUM DISTICHUM AWARD) (BALD CYPRESS)
1. Pam Fisher
2. Faith Hodges
3. Kandy Keith
4. Susan Knox
5. Brenda Orton
6. Terri Zanchi
(QUERCUS VIRGINIANA) (OAK) NEW PROJECT INITIATIVES/WORKSHOPS - The Oak award is for those creative people who have planned new projects for the year. We hope they grow long and strong just like an acorn grows into a mighty Oak.
Holiday Swag & Centerpiece Workshop
1. Brenda Huff
2. Nadine Scott
After School Stay & Play – Deep Creek Recreation Center
1. Vicki Roberts
Arboretum Camellia Cove Clean-Up
1. Dale Shelley
CARYA OVATA AWARD (SHAGBARK HICKORY) - MOST DIRECT TEACHING HOURS. Every good teacher needs a hickory switch.
1. Vicki Roberts 209
2. John Birckbichler 196
3. Amy Weber 192
1. Helene Haluska 88.5
2. Gerald Hartis 78.5
3. Vicki Roberts 74
1. John Birckbichler 586.25
2. Kathy King 559
3. Vicki Roberts 524.5
4. Amy Weber 515.6
PRUNUS MUME AWARD (FLOWERING APRICOT) (INTERN ROOKIE OF THE YEAR – MOST VOLUNTEER HOURS FOR THE FIRST YEAR. Just like a Flowering Apricot blooms early and prolifically, this award honors rookies who have really blossomed in our Master Gardener program.
1. Keith Lansley 334.5
2. Dale Shelley 303.95
LONICERA SEMPERVIRENS AWARD (HONEYSUCKLE) (HOURS LOGGED 11 MONTHS OUT OF THE YEAR – JANUARY – NOVEMBER 26, 2018). Just like this native wraps all around and blooms nearly every month of the year, we honor and hug you with this Honeysuckle award because you are ever present throughout our year and we love seeing you.
1. Yen Bao
2. Linda Baskerville
3. John Birckbichler
4. Ed Bradley
5. Linda Bradley
6. Carolyn Dusenbury
7. Becky Greenwald
8. Janet Grubbs
9. Helene Haluska
10. Mary Hammel
11. Haley Harness
12. Gerald Hartis
13. Trudy Hartis
14. Brenda Huff
15. Kandy Keith
16. Kathy King
17. Keith Lansley
18. Jan Reynierse
19. Sylvia Rowland
20. Vicki Roberts
21. Ceil Rochevot
22. Nadine Scott
23. Pat Starling
24. Clyde Stephens
25. Amy Weber
26. Freny Werbinski
27. Chuck West
28. Sandy West
ARISAEMA TRIPHYLLUM AWARD (JACK/JILL-IN-THE-PULPIT) - (MULTI-PROJECTS) Honors you who are teaching in many different ways (8 plus) – A Jack/Jill of all trades. 
1. Amy Arnoux (intern)
2. Brenda Barrett
3. Helene Haluska
4. Marion Herndon (intern)
5. Don Izbicki (intern)
6. Kandy Keith
7. Keith Lansley (intern)
8. Meredith Martin (intern)
9. Vicki Roberts
10. Ceil Rochevot
11. Dale Shelley (intern)
12. Pat Starling
13. Carol Wade (intern)
14. Linda Weal (intern)
15. Amy Weber
16. Pat Wright
17. Shaun Wynn-Bouder
LAURUS NOBILIS AWARD (BAY LAUREL) (50 PLUS TEACHING HOURS OVER REQUIRED). Just like in Roman times, great teachers are given a Laurel wreath to honor their achievements above and beyond.
1. Amy Adams
2. John Birckbichler
3. Pam Fisher
4. Janet Grubbs
5. Helene Haluska
6. Patty Hamilton
7. Mary Hammel
8. Karon Hardy
9. Gerald Hartis
10. Trudy Hartis
11. Molly Kern
12. Kandy Keith
13. Kathy King
14. Keith Lansley
15. Brenda Orton
16. Vicki Roberts
17. Dale Shelley
18. Pat Starling
19. Clyde Stephens
20. Amy Weber
21. Freny Werbinski
22. Shaun Wynn-Boulder
MIMOSA PUDICA (SENSITIVE PLANT) AWARD CONTACTS (ENTERED IN VMS SYSTEM) This award honors individuals who have reached out and touched the most people during the year.
 Over 1000 (First Place)
 1. Kandy Keith 1210
 2. Vicki Roberts 1078
 Over 800 (Second Place)
 1. Ceil Rochevot 854
 2. Mary Hammel 800
 Over 400 (Third Place)
 1. Helen Haluska 637
 2. Amy Weber 607
 3. Jan Reynierse 516
 4. Yen Bao 479
 5. Jerry Phillips 425
 6. Brenda Barrett 424
 1. Charles Lastinger – Class of 2000 – 7019
 2. Kandy Keith – Class of 2003
 3. Ed Bradley – Class of 2004
 4. Linda Bradley – Class of 2004

Interesting New Articles - Choose a Gardening Topic

Click on the links below to read the informative articles written by our talented interns from the class of 2018:  

1. Growing Blueberries

2. Health Benefits from Cucumbers

3. Patience is a Virtue 

4. Companion Planting

5. Lettuce & Spinach Growing Guidelines

Virginia Coorperative Expention has published an informational article about the Giant Hogweed Plant. To view a pdf of this article  click here>

Congratulations to our Graduating Intern Class of 2018

The 2018 Interns have completed the classroom portion of their training and are ready to face their next challenge. They will be participating at the plant sale, helping out at the farmers market and many other learning activities completing their hands on training. We welcome them to Chesapeake Master Gardeners!  

Interns 2018

Chesapeake Master Gardeners Speakers Bureau.

The Chesapeake Master Gardeners' Speakers Bureau offers free, educational presentations to the community for groups composed of five or more individuals. Our Master Gardener speakers will share their years of experience through targeted (30 minute+) presentations in their areas of expertise.  

Please see the Speakers Bureau Roster for more information on available speakers and topics.  To request a speaker, simply fill out a Speaker Request Form at least one month in advance of the event, and you will be contacted to further discuss how we can assist you.


Like our Chesapeake Master Gardeners Facebook Page  for invitations & updates.

If you are a Chesapeake Master Gardener (or one of our program partners) and want to share an event that is currently not listed, please let us know.

NOTE: Our CMG Calendar (linked to the left) has been created solely for Chesapeake Master Gardeners and includes advanced education and volunteer opportunities that may not be listed on our public calendar.  Intern training dates are available via Intern Corner.

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